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Peter C. Olsen has been an ordained clergy person with the United Church of Christ for 30 years. He has served as pastor and educator in local churches. During eighteen years serving as Christian educator, he planned and taught confirmation programs for nearly two hundred adolescents. He has led dozens of educational workshops on various topics relevant to local church education. He served three years as professional counselor to at risk young people through the National Job Corps Program. He has published the book,Youth At Risk (Pilgrim Press, 2003) and has written regularly for Church Teacher Magazineas well as for Children’s Ministry Magazine of Group Publishing Inc. To be published by United Church Press is the User’s Guide to Globalization: At What Price? He has also published in a number of other regional and national magazines. He has attended writers workshops with Gemini Ink of San Antonio and is a member of the New Braunfel’s Writer’s Guild.

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