Fire Island Taxi Driver

Recollections of Summers on the Beach at Fabulous Fire Island, NY
by Peter Christian Olsen

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Paperback • ISBN 978-1-60350-046-3
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Peter Christian Olsen grew up on Fire Island and is well versed in its history and culture. He is the author of two previous books, Youth at Risk (Pilgrim Press, 2006) and Mom Mumbles and Pop Can’t Pee (Lucas Parks Books, 2012). Retired from active ministry, he spends his time writing, photographing, raveling, and enjoying family and grandchildren.

Therapy consists of triathlons, gardening, and reminiscing. He still visits the island whenever possible. “But it’s just not the same.” Peter Olsen describes four summers driving for White Cap Taxi service. First anticipated as the ideal summer job with ample time for surfing, beach parties, drinking, and womanizing, the position turns out to be the exhausting task of catering to the whims of a diverse population.

A memoir of a time long past that no longer exists. Fire Islanders today hold only a vanishing memory of a wilder era when residents freely roamed the island in search of a unique and fabulous summer experience. Portions of this book were selected for the finals in nonfictiocontest of the Texas Writers Guild, 2013.