New Book: Mom Mumbles and Pop Can’t Pee

Mom Mumbles and Pop Can’t Pee
A Real Life Adventure with Aging Parents

by Peter Christian Olsen

Mom Mumbles and Pop Can't Pee

ISBN 9781603500302
List Price $16.99

“If you’re always battling against getting older, You’re always going to be unhappy, because it’s going to happen anyway.” — Mitch Albom

The Golden years are seldom blissful and euphoric. Despite how much you love them becoming parent to your parents will try your patience and resolve. Are you ready for this?

Critical decisions have to be made about living arrangements, health concerns, and family matters. Elderly parents can be demanding of your attention and assistance. You’ll be expected to find lost dentures, clean up after bouts of incontinence, mediate conflicts, negotiate with medical personnel, and respond to depression and dementia.

In his book, Mom Mumbles and Pop Can’t Pee, Olsen provides a catharsis. The reader will identify with the real dynamics that evolve between adult child and aging parents. It’s therapeutic venting. Through a series of short vignettes, each focusing on different occurrences, Olsen chronicles attempts to cope with the apprehensions of two aging parents grappling with unexpected daily crisis, real and imagined. There is never a dull moment. Life together is a roller coaster of emotions. Dementia takes its toll. Throughout the story the author seeks to make sense of the experience by calling upon spirituality as a resource. It’s a perfect complement to the professional manuals for discovering the keys to caring for difficult older parents.

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